Beloved University Development and Heritage Initiatives


Chairman of the Board

Rufino S. Ignacio


BUDHI means Beloved University Development and Heritage Initiatives.  Beloved University refers to our dear Alma Mater Mindanao State University (MSU).

BUDHI, in the Philippines, is the seat of one’s heartfelt, deep, solemn, almost sacred emotion and feeling.

BUDHI is our attempt to assist MSU in its mandate of 1) educating our youth, 2) contributing to national integration of the Muslims and cultural minorities into the mainstream of national life, 3) developing our communities, and 4) propagating peace in our MINSUPALA and the nation.

We will raise funds to establish an Endowment Fund (a perpetual source of money whose Bank interests and gains alone will be used) of One Hundred Million pesos (P 100 million Or $ 2 million) in Five years, 2024-2029.

We will eventually use the Endowment Fund revenues for 1) scholarship grants for the poorest of the poor but ambitious students to study in the University; 2) faculty honoraria for retention; 3) thesis support for senior students; and 4) modest R&D projects of faculty and students.

We will source donations for the Endowment from alumni of the University and outside sources. Their names will be immortalized as Donors, whatever their amount of joyful giving.

Please join us in this exciting adventure of Endowment Fund development.

This is the first time it will be accomplished in the history of MSU.

Read about BUDHI in the following pages.

Be counted as one of benevolent Alumni of this great University. Be a ray  of the BUDHI sun among many who are faithful and grateful to their Dakilang Paaralan, Pamantasang Mindanao.

MSU beckons.

Very sincerely yours,


Chairperson of the Board of Director(s)


BUDHI President

Almighty willed that I am privileged to have been chosen as one among the 10 members of the Beloved University Development and Heritage Initiatives (BUDHI) Board of Trustees.
Big thanks to Sir Ruffy Ignacio for this great opportunity to have joined this life-changing opportunity to be of service to our Alma Mater and our people.

I also take this opportunity to serve as BUDHI’s first President even as I urge everyone to join us and support this noble cause that will eventually benefit Mindanao State University greatly, our scholars, and our faculty and other equally talented but deserving youths.
I feel humbled and honored as I take up this responsibility. I am also aware of the huge expectations from all our stakeholders. But I fully agree that with support from all our distinguished donors who believe in this novel cause and who will eventually decide to give part of their wealth in support to our beloved University and its academic mission.
It is my solemn prayer that we all continue to contribute generously to this initiative for the well-being of our future generations and for continuous development of the Mindanao State University.




BUDHI Inspirational Songs

BUDHI Song Solo

Chorus by BUDHI Board

Donations to BUDHI Corporation

Please mail Check Donations in the name of BUDHI Corporation to:

Office of Treasurer
Budhi Corporation
Ladao Compound, Lozano Street
Catalunan Grande, Davao City 8000


Deposit donations to:
Budhi Corporation
Landbank of the Philippines (LBP) Matina Branch
Savings (Peso) Account Number (Please Call or Email Budhi about this Number)
LBP Dollar ($) Account No. (Please Call or Email Budhi about this Number)

Budhi Corporation Mobile Numbers are:
Globe (+63) 927-0829055
Smart (+63) 908-1077281
Email: budhimsu@gmail.com

BUDHI Guiding Principles

Investment income generated by the Endowment Fund shall be spent in accordance with Budhi’s guiding principles stated in its Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, and Financial Policies and Procedures Manual.

BUDHI will use the investment income to provide scholarships to poor, deserving students; faculty incentives for retention; students thesis support; and modest R&D for faculty of Mindanao State University.

BUDHI envisions to raise One hundred million pesos (P 100 million) or some Two million dollars ($ 2 million) in the years 2024 to 2029.

Our Motivation to Found BUDHI

Pioneering class of MSU Main Campus in 1962 consisted of 282 students and 12 faculty members.

Since then, it has grown to a multi-campus supra-regional university system, serving over 69,000 students in all levels with nearly 3,100 faculty members.


In spite of the various types of scholarships granted by MSU Main Campus from 1962 to 2022, many indigent students apparently remain in need of financial support.  The faculty likewise need support to stay in the University and not pirated by other universities and the private sector.


The Alumni Founders of BUDHI felt the need and incorporated Budhi as a non-profit organization to conveniently receive, manage and harness funds from fellow alumni and other sources to support the academic community, students and faculty.

is not just a University

It is a bold experiment in education, with its concomitant, challenging role as social laboratory for cultural integration, religious interaction, development and peace in the region.

MSU Hymn

Memorandum of Agreement between

At long last, MSU alumni and benefactors have the means and platform to show their tangible and solid financial support to students and faculty of Alma Mater MSU, their very own “Silahis and katulad mong nagsabog ng liwanag…nang ika’y isilang na dakila ang hangad…Ating ipagkapuri itong Pamantasan…”


BUDHI has developed the management system and procedure for the fundraising campaign through the appropriate depository bank (Landbank). A simple website and other social media outlets are being used to disseminate information about BUDHI and its activities.


BUDHI is all of us who love MSU and its legendary growth.

What is an Endowment Fund?

An endowment fund is a type of investment fund set up to receive gifts and donations from donors. The nonprofit organization (BUDHI) overseeing the fund uses the interest and gains earned from donations to finance its activities—the donations themselves never get spent.

Endowment funds are permanent because the principal balance, or “corpus,” stays invested forever.

An endowment fund is held by BUDHI for the purpose of generating a permanent stream of capital. The fund’s portfolio can be made up of cash, publicly traded securities, real estate, life insurance, retirement accounts, and other assets. 


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